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Gill Hall Park
Gill Hall Park (GBU) is located at 1255 Gill Hall Road. The park has a lighted basketball court, a small pavilion, children's play equipment, and an air-conditioned building that can be rented by residents. Reservations for the building can be made up to 18 months in advance. The form below must be filled out and returned to the Municipal Center with the full fee enclosed to insure your reservation. They are on a first-come, first-served basis. The entire building may be rented and the price and occupancy limit are listed on the reservation form. The bottom floor contains a kitchen. The building is handicapped accessible.

The upstairs seats 80 people. There are 6 - 2-1/2 x 8' long tables, 4 - 5' round tables and 1 - 4x4' square table on the upstairs floor. 
The downstairs seats 100 people. There are 12 - 2-1/2 x 8' long tables and 4 - 2-1/2 x 6' long tables on the downstairs floor.
The entire building seats 180 people.

The Gill Hall Community Center, located at 1255 Gill Hall Road, is for the use of Jefferson Hills community groups and Jefferson Hills residents for their private use.

1. Application

Application for use of Gill Hall Park Community Center will be made with the Borough Manager’s office on a form provided for that purpose. Those Borough groups and organizations who desire to use the Center on a regular basis (i.e. monthly) should apply for their meeting dates by January 1st of the year in which the meeting dates are sought and must be signed by a borough resident.

2. Permission

Permission for use of the Community Center will be granted first to those groups and organizations who are seeking the facility on a regular basis and then to all others.

3. Fees/Deposits

                        The following fees are charged for the use of the Community Center


Entire Building (Occupancy 180 People)

Residents of Jefferson Hills


Exempt Groups


Refund (if cleaned & no damage)




Various Exempt groups, such as Library, Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Recreation Board, Women's Club, Democratic Party, Republican Party, AARP, Scouting, JFR, Gill Hall Social Club, etc, will receive no charge for the use of the facilities and only have to cover the janitorial fee listed above. This fee may be waived by the Borough Manager if in his opinion janitorial services are not required after the use or if the use of the facilities is in the best interest of the Borough of Jefferson Hills. 

4. Parking 

Parking is available only in the lot in front of the building. Vehicles are not to park behind or along the sides of the building or on the grassy area of the park.

5. Park Area

Rental of the building does not give the group the exclusive use of the playground, basketball courts, or volleyball court. These are public facilities and are open to the use of anyone desiring to use them.

6. Kitchen

Rental of the entire building gives the organization the use of the kitchen area. The kitchen is designed for heating prepared meals and making coffee only. Cooking is prohibited. If the kitchen is used, all range burners and ovens must be turned off and the kitchen thoroughly cleaned. All trash must be bagged and removed to the outside trash bin.

7. Hours

The Gill Hall Community Center may be rented from 9:00 am to midnight, unless special permission for an extension of time is requested and received in advance from the Borough Manager.

8. Opening of Building

When an individual or group has been approved for the use of the Community Center, the individual making the application may pick up the key to the Community Center at the Municipal Center Police Department, 925 Old Clairton Rd, four hours prior to the time shown on the permit. The person picking up the key must have a valid driver’s license and a copy of the permit. After using the building, the responsible person must lock all doors to the building and return the key to the police department within one hour.  The key to the building is not to be duplicated. Any violation of this procedure will result in the person or group being barred from renting the building.

9. Miscellaneous Rules

·         Breakage or damage of any item in the Community Center must be reported to dispatch when returning the key. All groups and organizations using the Community Center will be responsible for damage and stolen property and will be required to fully replace any damaged or stolen property.

·         The use of flammable items and tools are prohibited.

·         The use of craft items, such as paint, glue, confetti, and glitter are prohibited.

·         Animals are not permitted in the building or parking lot unless special advance permission is granted.

·         Decorations (banners, streamers, tape, etc.) are not permitted on the walls, doors, or ceilings of the Community Center rooms. Table decorations only.

·         Use of businesses, agencies, and persons for profit who are charging a fee, accepting financial donations, or providing sales or service is prohibited.

·         The borough is not responsible or liable for any item(s) lost or left in the building.

·         Tables and chairs are prohibited from being moved outside or upstairs/downstairs

10. Jefferson Hills Reserves the Right… 

·         To refuse or cancel permission to use the Community Center if a resident or organization abuses its privilege to use the building or parking areas.

·         To cancel permission to use the Community Center if unforeseen circumstances necessitate borough government to use the room. In such a regrettable event, every effort will be made to reschedule the canceled meeting for the next available date which is convenient to the applicant.

·         Cancel any use due to weather or any emergency condition.

·         Of final approval of all uses.

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