Attention All Residents - Delayed Sewage Bill Notice

The Borough has switched the Sewage Fee Collector from PAMS to Legal Tax Service. Due to the transitional period, you will not receive a bill for some time. When you receive your next bill, it will be for your July, August, and September payments.
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Community Parks
Jefferson Hills maintains the five community parks throughout the Borough listed below. These parks offer a variety of amenities to Jefferson Hills residents and visitors from soccer and baseball fields to playground equipment. Shelters and the Community Center are available for rental from the Borough for community gatherings.

Beedle Park
· 20 acres along Decker Avenue
· Consists of a playground, baseball field, and a soccer field
· Facilities available:
   - Baseball field (2 hour block)
   - Soccer field 1 (2 hour block)
   - Soccer field 2 (2 hour block)
   - Shelter

Gill Hall Park
· Located along Gill Hall Road
· Location of the Gill Hall Community Center, basketball courts, playground, and volleyball courts
· Facilities available:
   - Entire building
   - Back shelter
   - Back playground shelter
   - Front playground shelter
   - Basketball court 1 (2 hour block)
   - Basketball court 2 (2 hour block)
   - Pickleball court (2 hour block)

Lobbs Park
· A small park along Walton Road
· Location of a playground and basketball courts

Tepe Park
· Located along Willem Drive
· Made up of a baseball field, basketball court, and a playground
· Facilities available:
   - Baseball field (2 hour block) 
   - Basketball court (2 hour block) 
   - Shelter
885 Andrew Reilly Memorial Park
· 26 acres along Route 885
· Home to baseball fields, basketball courts, a playground, a walking trail, tennis courts, and the community stage
· Facilities available:
   - Large shelter
   - Small shelter
   - Field shelter
   - T-ball field (2 hour block)
   - Front field (2 hour block)
   - Back field (2 hour block)
   - Batting cages (2 hour block)
   - Basketball court (2 hour block)
   - Stage
   - Stage with large shelter

Borough of Jefferson Hills Administration and Community Center
·  Located along Old Clairton Road
·  Houses the Jefferson Hills police department, administrative offices, the public library, the Borough government, and multiple rooms for use by the community
· Facilities available:
   - Community room A (4 hour block)
   - Community room B (4 hour block)
   - Both community rooms (4 hour block)
   - Family room A (4 hour block)
   - Family room B (4 hour block)
   - Second floor of building
Borough of Jefferson Hills

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